MASVEN Software is what you need to have full control on your Vending Machines Bussiness

Are you looking for a software to manage your bussiness eficiently? Then you are with the right one MASVEN Software.

MASVEN let you know how much you have at every single vending, it suggests quantity of every product to be sent to every machine. And the best... it is made AUTOMATIC.
MASVEN shows utilities in real time, per product, per machine. So you are able to decide what product need to be replaced, removed, or increased on every single location.There is a module that displays utility per day, per month. Big decisions for you can be done inmediatly. thanks to this powerfull tool.

Vending Machines
Setup a new vending, change products per machine, increase product stock per item per machine. Everything is made on a sinlge semi-graphic mode.On this section you can interchange products inside the machine, change prices per product per machine, and many other things.

This section is to Add, Change your products, prices, costs, supplier per product.

This is a Catalog of suppliers to have a link between every single products. With this catalog you will link many other database information allowing you know how many products you are buying for every single supplier to negotiate better prices.

This is your daily section to be feed. At every visit you gather information from every vending machine and feed the database. On every visit you will gather how many coins are at your coin acceptor, it also has the field for added coins. Feeding the data everything will be automatically generated.

Thanks to every collect, MASVEN Software AUTOMATICALLY generate a suggested product list to be sent to the Route for every single location, you can change products quantities, and product list is sent to an excel document to be printed.

This is a short overview of the behavior of every vending machine. You can see here how many products were sold per visit, per day, per month, you can see missing products (sometimes vending machines are located at conflict zones were the people hit the machines to get free product, so you will be able to know what's happening at every single location, how often this happens, etc.)

Detailed Reports
One of the most atractive sections, UTILITIES per custom period, detail finance information, you can realize if there is missing money, and many other great information.

This section is helpful to control purchases to suppliers, arrivals to the warehouse, if has alerts to detect price changes in suppliers.
It will help you know a right utilities report.

You will have a full control on how many products you have of each at your warehouse

This is a great tool to identify how many and which products are sold per location, per dates, etc.

And many many other great functions
Start NOW to manage your bussiness in a more efficient way, and find out how easy is this tool to be used.

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Monterrey, NL México April 22, 2024
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